Ledgersync Dashboard



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1.  Add Account: Use this link to add a new bank account

2. Transactions: View and edit your transactions

2-1. Transaction Filter: 

2-2. Transaction Table: 

2-3. Payee & Description Fields: 

2-4. Export Formats: 

3. Checks: Edit Check Payee Names and Memo Details

3-1. Working With Checks Images:

3-2. Sorting & Filtering Checks Images:

4. Statements: View and download your statements

4-1. Exporting Statements:

4-2. Transaction Reconciliation Tool:

5. Account Visibility: Set sub-account visibility


 6. Client Management: Add, Edit & Delete Your Client List

 7. Employee Management: Add, Edit & Delete Your Employee List

 8. Billing: View your charges & Make Changes to Your Plan

8-1. Changing Method of Payment: 

8-2. Select your Subscription Level:

 9. Change Password: Update Your Password

10. Request Extractor: If the bank you use is not currently supported, You can place a request here.


11. Supported Banks: The current list of supported banks

12. Notification Settings: Select frequency of Notification and Account Summaries.

13. Extraction Settings: Adjust your Extractor setting for your Checks, Statements, & Transactions.

14. Client Status: Review the current status for each of your clients bank connections.

15. Cloud Storage: Setup up your Dropbox Integration.


16. Backdating: Requests for historical data.

17. Your Profile: Modify your profile information.




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