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Transactions Guide Check Image Guide Statements Guide Account Visibility Guide Employee Management Guide Billing Guide Password Change Guide Your Profile Guide Backdating Guide Dropbox Integration Bank Feed Extractor Settings Notification Settings Guide Supported Banks Guide Add an Account Guide Requesting New Bank Guide Client Management Guide

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1.  Add Account: Use this link to add a new bank account

2. Transactions: View and edit your transactions

2-1. Transaction Filter: 

2-2. Transaction Table: 

2-3. Payee & Description Fields: 

2-4. Export Formats: 

3. Checks: Edit Check Payee Names and Memo Details

3-1. Working With Checks Images:

3-2. Sorting & Filtering Checks Images:

4. Statements: View and download your statements

4-1. Exporting Statements:

4-2. Transaction Reconciliation Tool:

5. Account Visibility: Set sub-account visibility


 6. Client Management: Add, Edit & Delete Your Client List

 7. Employee Management: Add, Edit & Delete Your Employee List

 8. Billing: View your charges & Make Changes to Your Plan

8-1. Changing Method of Payment: 

8-2. Select your Subscription Level:

 9. Change Password: Update Your Password

10. Request Extractor: If the bank you use is not currently supported, You can place a request here.


11. Supported Banks: The current list of supported banks

12. Notification Settings: Select frequency of Notification and Account Summaries.

13. Extraction Settings: Adjust your Extractor setting for your Checks, Statements, & Transactions.

14. Client Status: Review the current status for each of your clients bank connections.

15. Cloud Storage: Setup up your Dropbox Integration.


16. Backdating: Requests for historical data.

17. Your Profile: Modify your profile information.




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