Errors- Why are there so many?


Issue:  Why are there so many issues with the extractors?

Explanation: Ledgersync is a very complex technology that connects to the bank web site and extracts the relevant information from these bank web sites.

Here are a few reasons as to why the extractors may fail:

1) Ledgersync technical errors-  The bank most likely made a change to their web site and as a result our code is out of sync. This happens everyday all the time. As a result, when there are "internal errors" we are alerted and our team works hard to fix these errors as quickly as possible.

2) Bank technical errors- Remember that in order for Ledgersync to operate, our technology requires the bank web site to be up and operational. What happens when the bank web site is down or the bank is having a technical issue on their end? Clearly, Ledgersync will not be able to connect and extract the relevant data because of the bank's web site issue.

See the video below regarding "Union Bank" in which their web site was down and as a result, Ledgersync was not able to funciton properly.

3) Marketing/Messaging- As we have all seen, banks many times push all sorts of marketing or messaging to their web site and this can significantly impact our data extracting process.

Fix: The Ledgersync technical team is working as hard/fast as they can to solve the technical error, however, not all cases are limited to Ledgersync and as such, we will inform you via our ticketing system when a bank/credit card's web site is down or non operational.


Example A- see example of the "marketing stuff" that banks put up on their web sites that blocks our software from extracting data.




Example B- see video showing how "Union Bank" was actually offline in the middle of the day, causing our extractors to fail.



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