Error message: Invalid Bank User ID or PW


Error Message: Invalid User ID/Password


Explanation: Perhaps the most common issue with Ledgersync is that many bank/credit card login credentials are not in sync with bank/credit card's login credentials.

To be 100% clear, the user name/password/security questions that is entered in Ledgersync must be completely accurate and in sync with the bank's login credentials. If they are not, Ledgersync won't work. This is the same for Quickbooks Online, Xero or any other software connecting to banks.



If you received the following message back from your bank: Invalid User ID or Password 

Please check user ID and password and update in Ledgersync

To do that:
1. Select client
2. Select bank account
3. Make sure you are on the Summary (Pie Chart Icon) Page
4. Locate and click the Edit (Pencil Icon) button
5. Make sure you update with the correct User ID and PW and click submit
6. (Most important step) Click the Refresh (Spinning Arrow Icon) button next to the pencil.
This should start the process of retrieving your transaction assuming the credentials are correct.

We also have a short video to explain:


If you have not already, we suggest you setup your notification preferences for you and your clients.

Notifications allow you to set up for you and/or your client to receive a period notification of any errors that may occur on an account.

Client Status (looks like a to do list icon) will allow you at a glance to see ALL your clients and their bank account status – so you will be able to quickly see what banks currently have an error. If you see an error you don’t understand what it is and/or how to fix let me know and I will gladly help you update that!


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