Client Management Controls



Client Details: List of all Clients and their related information

  • Name
  • Email
  • First Log In Date
  • Last Log In Date
  • Number of COnnected Accounts
  • Phone Number (for text)
  • Allow SMS
  • Add Phone Number
  • Invite by Email
  • Create Invitation Link


Section 1: Selection Menu 


Add Client: Invite a new client to add their accounts in Ledgersync.

Select between different E-Mail Options

    • Send Ledgersync default invitation email
    • Send a custom email
    • Generate Ledgersync invitation link
    • Do not send an invitation link

Lock Client: Lock a clients access to Ledgersync

  • Lock a clients access to Ledgersync, they will not be able to vew any of their data

Delete Client: Remove a client and all of their related Information

  • Select and delete a client from your list. This will completely delete all historical data as well

Spreadsheet Upload: Bulk add a list of clients

  • In this page you can upload a spreadsheet with clients information to sign them up into Ledgersync.

Client Dashboard: Provides you a summary review of

  • Total Number of Clients
  • Total Number of Accounts
  • Total Number of Error Free Accounts
  • Total Number of Accounts with Errors



Section 2: Information Table


Add Phone Number: Add a text capable phone number to enable SMS notifications

Invitation Email: Resend invitation email to your client

Invitation Link: Generate an invitation Link to send to your client. Use the link to send via Text, or to custom create your own email template






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