How to Update Your Bank Feed Connection



 If the bank requires a security measure in order to bring your account data up to date you must login in order to supply the bank with the requested security measure before the account can be updated.

 You can do this one of 2 ways:

  1. Login to Ledgersync and update the account for your accountant

  2. Provide your accounantt with the answers to security questions and/or add their number or email as an additional point of access to your account so that they may respond to the bank prompts.

 Note: Doing this will not make your accountant an authorized user or give them any kind of access to your bank account, it will only allow them to supply the information necessary to download your monthly bank statements and data. At any point you can remove their point of contact or update your security questions.


Bank Feed Update Process:

If you prefer to be the one to keep your account updated so that your accountant can efficiently do your books please learn to maintain these steps.

Step 1: Log in to Ledgersync using their your login credentials at

Login: the client’s login is the email address the accountant used to enter you as a client into Ledgersync. You can not change your login ID, your email is your ID.

Password: will be the one you have previously set up when you received a link from your accountant. If you never set one up your accountant can generate a link that will allow you to set up an initial password. Ledgersync and your accountant will not have access to your Ledgersync password.

If you’ve forgotten your password use the retrieve password link that will send them a link to your email to create a new one.

If you still have issues retrieving or creating a password for your Ledgersync account please hop into our support chat or send and an email to


Step 2: Select the Bank you wish to update

Step 3: On the Summary Page (pie chart icon, 3rd icon from the left on the menu bar) find and select the SPINNING ARROW icon located next to the pencil icon.

Step 4: Follow the Prompts the Bank provides. This may be a request for a token to be sent to an access point of your choosing, or to answer a question.

Step 5: If you have correctly followed the prompts the account should now update and your accountant will be able to see the data without having direct access to your bank account.



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