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 NOTE:  The process to create a new Bank Feed "extractor" generally takes about 5-7 days from the point we have access to the financial institution that is being added.  Before completing the request form within Ledgersync, it is important to know if your institution will require additional authentication steps. Depending on the institutions request, we may need to schedule a time for you to be available to provide any time sensitive token responses.   The best way to determine if this may be a necessity is to clear our your browsers internet history "cookies" and attempt to log back into your financial institution.  If you are requested to verify your identity via multi factor authentication (text code or phone call), it is very likely we will need to do the same thing also.




To create a new extractor you need the following information:

  • Bank Name or Credit Card Name (depending on what kind of account you want setup)
  • The URL you login to: (ex.
  • Your Username to the bank website
  • Your Password to the bank website
  • The challenge questions and answers (if required by your bank)


1:Institution Details:

Enter the following Information

  • Name of your Financial Institution
  • URL used to reach the login screen



2:Entering Your Credentials

Tip: Before you proceed to the next steps verify your credentials by logging into the account completely and switching the statement screen, and finally by logging out of the account.While verifying your credentials, take note of all of the information that is requested while logging in as well as the order in which it is required. This information will be important in the next step.

Select Type of Account: Business or Personal Account

Provide Credentials:  

  • Username:
  • Password:

3:Security Questions

1: Questions and Answers

Before starting this step it is important that you have a list of all the security questions and answers that have been registered with the account.  IF you do not know all of the questions and answers, please collect all of them before you continue on.  Once we start the mapping process, we will be asked 1 of your questions, and possibly all of your questions. Without the information, we will not be able to complete the new bank feed and your new account request will be delayed.

2: Additional Notes:

Some financial institutions require additional information (like a Company ID number) to be able to log in.  Othe banks may require you to complete some form of multi-factor authentication.  Please provide additional details of any information that was necessary during the previious step to test your credentials.

Note: If your bank sends you a text message or phone call each time you log in, (also known as "Multi Factor Authentication" (MFA), we will need to schedule a time that you will be available to receive the code and provide it to us within a very short period of time.


4: Request Sent Successfully

The Secure form will be submitted for the process to begin.










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