Issue: Missing Transactions in Ledgersync



Issue: Missing Transactions in Ledgersync, what do I do?


Explanation: It's possible that our extraction code may have not extracted all the transactions from the bank/credit card web site from the last 90 days. Remember when running a manual refresh (the two spinning arrows) from Ledgersync it will force the software to pull the last 90 days of data

Reasons for this may include

                 a) Transaction has a special character and caused our code to skip it

                 b) Bank/credit card web page was too fast/too slow to load and a result our code missed it

                 c) A problem with our code


Fix: To fix this, the first thing to do is to manually run the extractor to try and fill in the missing gaps.

To run a manual refresh please see this  knowledge-base article. Running Manual Update

If this did not solve the problem, than the Ledgersync technical team needs to take a deeper dive into why transactions maybe missing. The best is then to contact""


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