Transaction Table Explained


The Transactions Table:


The Transaction Table includes the following columns:

  • Export: Check boxes allow you to select the transactions that you wish to export.  This is best used after using the filters to minimize the number of transactions as far as possible.
  • Date: The date the transaction posted in your financial institution
  • Account: The email address of client who the account belongs to
  • SubAccount: The Unique name of the institution you created
  • Check Number: The Check number as provided by the bank feed. Please note that some banks will shorten check numbers down to 3 or 4 numbers. For example a check with e reference number 10408 may be displayed as 408 by your institution.
  • Description: The bank memo provided by the bank feed. This can be modified to assist with categorization
  • Payee: Allows you to add a payee name to transactions
  • Value: The total amount of the transaction
  • Remove: Enables you to completely remove transactions from the list.



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