Ledgersync Billing Explained


Ledgersync believes billing that makes it a win-win for both Ledgersync and our customer base is the best business! Therefore, let us explain how the billing works for Ledgersync. 

Ledgersync bills based upon "Unique Linked Accounts",  or in other words, "Unique Bank Log-ins". This way you(our customer) pays based upon usage. If one of your client client signs up to to Ledgersync and never adds a bank/credit card- you won't be charged. 


Suppose Accountant X signs up for Ledgersync- "Gold Package" 

The Gold Package allows for up to 25 linked accounts. This means that you can add "25" unique login accounts. 

Client A (3) 

  Bank of America

  Chase Bank

American Express


Client B (4) 

     Apple Bank

   Citi Bank

  Chase Credit Card

 Bank of America


In this case the Accounting firm has purchased 25 linked accounts, of which a total of 7 accounts has been "used up" leaving the Accountant with a total of 18 more unique linked accounts to add. 




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