What is an "Extractor"?


An Extractor is the programming code our developers create to "extract" information from a bank or credit card company.

In other words when you "Request an Extractor", that is the technical way of saying, "I would like to add a new bank or credit card company." The screen below is the Request page. It will require the account Name, URL, Username, Password, and Challenge Question answers to be entered. This information is sent securely via an encrypted email to our developers.

When making a request for a new bank/credit card data feed, please confirm that the user name and password are valid and can be logged into the requested site.

Once the Extractor is created Ledger Sync retains that information and the Extractor will never again have to be requested.

This can be done for all national and region specific financial institutions. Once completed, you will receive notification via email.



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