Ledgersync Security Information


  • The account credentials are stored encrypted and the account owner can only see the passwords and challenge questions. The passwords and challenge questions cannot be decrypted on our server.
  • We use one of the strongest and most certified encryption algorithms on the market, AES 256.
  • The password requires at least 9 digits with a combination of letters, number and symbols.
  • The password expires every 90 days and cannot repeat one of the last 6.
  • Communication of financial data from/to our servers is encrypted over the network.
  • We use security certified hosting providers with controlled access to servers, redundancy and network monitoring.
  • Any extractor is coded to “read-only” access, no money transfer page or function is ever accessed.
  • Whatever the financial institution demands in terms of security measures, we legitimately follow or pass for the user to enter or verify.
  • Our servers are based in the USA following all requirements in terms of legislation and data protection.
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