Client Initial Log In to Ledgersync Instructions


 Log In to the Ledger Sync Website:


  1. Upon initial access, you will be required to immediately change your password. You will receive a notification that it has been changed successfully and then to click "Home".


   2. You will then arrive at your Ledger Sync home page. You will see a Ledger Sync Guide Box asking you to click on the "Add Account" button to start adding your accounts.


  3. LedgerSync will now have you enter your financial institution. You will be required to enter the URL Address, Username, Passwords, Token IDs, or Security Questions answers.


Once you have entered your credentials, it may take a few minutes for Ledger Sync to locate and authorize your account. You will see two blue spinning arrows while Ledger Sync is retrieving your account information.

Once your information is uploaded, you and your accountant will be able to see your account in the following format. 




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