Client Issue - My Bank/ Credit Card Information is Not Loading Into LedgerSync


If the client's Bank/Credit Card information is not loading into Ledger Sync there are a few issues that may be affecting the information from uploading.

First, have the client log in to their Ledger Sync account. If their Bank or credit card has been added a box will appear with the name of the institution. They will need to "Refresh" this account.

To initiate a Refresh please state the following:

"There a few ways to troubleshoot this issue. First, let's try to Refresh your "USA Bank" account. You can do this by clicking the green circling arrows at the top right corner of the your particular account. The arrows will circle while Ledger Sync refresher the account."

"Once completed, you will be asked to enter one or all of the following:"

  • Name on the account
  • Bank or Credit Card URL 
  • Username
  • Password
  • Token ID
  • Security Question Answers

Once the credentials are entered correctly, Ledger Sync will extract the financial information and the client is ready to go!

If Ledger Sync gives an error message in red that states, "Last Refresh Failed." Then you will need to ask the client the following questions:

  • "Are you or your Business listed as the owner of the account?"
  • "Did you enter the same email address you use to access your accounts online?"
  • "Have you changed your Username or Password lately?"
  • "Did you request your Token ID from your device in a timely manner?" (token IDS are time sensitive, they are only valid for a few minutes)
  • "Are you confident with the Security Question answers you entered?"

Often times a client will have to double check their credentials. BE PATIENT, in the world we live in today we ALL have trouble recalling log in credentials for the hundreds of various accounts we have!

After the client, confirms their credentials, and they are still not able to access the financial information, please state the following:

"John, can I place you on hold while I research your account? This may take a few minutes."


"John, I have reached out to our IT Department and they have requested to speak with you directly. Can I have a good telephone number and a time that works best for you?"

The above mentioned solutions will solve a majority of account information extraction problems. If additional action is required the Ledger Sync IT Department will notify you with additional action items.

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