Converting Excel File to QBO File for QuickBooks Import



We recommend using the Propersoft CSV2QBO converter.  You can find it at (Make sure you use the discount code LEDGERSYNC to receive 15% off)

1.  Once you have the converter installed on your computer, go to LedgerSync/Transactions and select the account you wish to import and the dates you would like transactions for.  Typically we recommend doing 1 month at a time so you can reconcile the bank account with the statement. (i.e. April 1-April 30)

2.  After you have selected the dates and clicked the magnifying glass to search for those transactions, in the right hand corner of the screen click the "Export" button and select "Excel"

3.  Save the Excel file to you desktop (you do not need Excel, the converter does not need excel to function)

4.  Open the CSV2QBO converter and browse for the Excel file you just saved.  Once in the converter, you will see the transactions, dates, amount, and description in the converter program.

5.  If you have not setup mappings, set them now (watch the video above for more information)

6.  Once the mappings are set, click the save button in the bottom right hand corner, choose a location to save the .qbo file, and that is it.  You can now import the .qbo file into QuickBooks.

For more information on importing the .qbo file into QuickBooks see the help section at:


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