How to Add an Employee


To add an employee you need to log in to LedgerSync from the main LedgerSync account, and then follow these steps:

1) Go to Employee Management

Employee Details: Complete list of registered employees who have access to your firms clients and their accounts.

  • Date Created:

  • Employee Name

  • Email:

  • Remove:

2) Add the employee via "Add employee feature" on the left side

Provide the following Information:

  • Employee Name

  • Employee Email

  • Password

  • Confirm Password

Note: You will set the employees password for them and need to share it with them when providing them access for the first time


4) Review your client list on the table Available Clients:

At the far Right side of the Table you will see the + listed next to the names of your clients.  Select each + to assign access to the highlighted employee.

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