Extractor Error: How To Avoid Extactor Errors


Issue: "I know I have the correct username and password" so why is Ledgersync failing?


The number one reason you may find that an extractor is giving a "invalid user id or password" error but you are certain you have the correct credentials is that the extractor that is built is actually for a different type of account than the one your client uses.

For example, your client may have a "personal" account, whereas we may have only the business account extractor designed for Ledgersync.



Here is how to test for that.

a) Using the "add bank account" module, follow the first prompt to enter the name of the bank.
b) Before clicking next you will notice that we provide the URL below the name of the bank as a clickable link.
c) Click that link and it will open a new tab with the bank login site. Test the credentials on the bank site that the link provides.

d) If the credentials work, then it is something we have to look into to see if there is another reason the credentials would be failing.





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