Error: Account requires a new security question or token


Error:Account Requires a new security question or token

Explanation: What this means is that the bank requires a security question or token to be updated. Why? Every bank has what's called "Two Factor Authentication" or "Multi Factor Authentication". What this means that for security purposes the bank has set up a process of TWO STEPS to validate and confirm that you are the real account owner. The two step process is typically a combination of:

                              a) Login with the account owner's User ID/Password

                              b) Sending you a text message with a security token or answering a security question

If the above two can not be answered the bank denies the access to the bank web site.

Ledgersync, must have the above 2 answered in order to proceed and access the online bank/credit card account. Ledgersync can not and will not bypass these.


Fix: Please watch the following video or follow the next steps to fix and update your bank account:

1.Select client
2.Select bank
3.Select “summary page” (pie chart) icon
4.Above the bank balance locate and click “Refresh” (spinning arrow) icon
5.Follow the prompts given by the bank (typically a request for an authorization code to be sent to your client from a list of authorized numbers or emails, or to answer a security question.) (Check our Tips above on how to avoid needing to chase your client.)

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