QuickBooks Desktop: How to resolve missing bank account error when importing qbo file.


If your QuickBooks Desktop company file was connected to another bank feed or import source prior to connecting with Ledgersync, you may not see the account as an import option.  If this occurs, navigate over to your chart of accounts and see if there is a lightning bolt next to the account name on the list. 

The lightning bolt signifies that there is an existing connection to the account that needs to be disconnect before you will be able to use another import source. This connection only needs to be done the first time you connect with a source, so if you only user Ledgersync as an import source, this will only occur the first time.

Parkway Business Solutions provided a YouTube Video tutorial as well as a step by step demonstrating how to resolve the challenge, For your convenience we have attached it below.  After disconnecting the existing link, please try to import the QBO file again.  

If you continue to experience difficulties, we are happy to help answer any of your questions.  Feel free to visit the Parkway Business Solutions website and schedule a time through our online calendar https://parkway.business/calendar/ledgersync


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