Why is Ledgersync Slower Then Our Competition?

In this brief article I will explain why Ledgersync might be slower than our competitors/ 
1) We are pulling in Check Images and Transactional data directly from the site. As you can imagine it takes a few more seconds to go to the Transaction page of each bank and “click” on each Check and export it over to Ledgersync.
2) The Software is designed “not” to bombard the bank’s web site with a large pull in a few seconds. Doing so will consume the bank’s resources and most likely trigger the bank to deny our access. 
To help mitigate this:
A) We have implemented Sharefile and Smartvault in which “ALL” the data will flow from Ledgersync to these hosting solutions on a nightly basis so there is less of a need to go to Ledgersync and run manual updates. 
B) We have added a feature called “Update ALL” in which you can update all your client’s data in one shot. 
C) We also have an employee management function in which you can allocate “refresh” access to specific employees. 
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