Ledgersync Errors Explained


Errors Explained:


  • Account is Asking a Password, Security Question or code, update manually to answer and continue/ Update Account Cancelled or Aborted



The Bank is asking for a Token or Security Question and therefore the Ledgersync extraction process can’t continue.



  1. If you can get READ ONLY ACCESS to your client’s bank account than that’s the best
  2. If you can’t, then recommend you use our new SMS Feature (click here for article) to pass along the token to the client that can respond via a simple text message


  • Invalid User ID/Password.


Problem: The User Name or Password in Ledgersync DOES NOT Match with the correct Bank/Credit Card Password:



  1. Click on the pencil icon on the Summary Page (pie chart icon) and type in the correct user name/password



  • Account is locked:


Problem: Ledgersync cannot access the bank because the bank account has been de-activated.

Solution: Ask the client to enter the bank web site and update the credentials there. In addition, the username/password should be updated on Ledgersync as well


  • The Site is having technical Issues:


Problem: There is a problem with our code



The Ledgersync team will handle this.. We are on it…

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